Video Production

We provide full video production services including filming, editing, colour correction and colour grading including audio production services including sound/voice recording, editing, noise reduction and sound effects if required.

We specialise in commercial video production, producing company and product advertisements, music videos, training videos, interviews and promotions for TV and internet use including but not limited too corporate websites, Blogs, Youtube and Facebook, this offers an engaging way to bring your information or products to your audience.

We can provide video in HD, 4k, or above, treating each project individually while working side by side with you to create the highest possible quality production for your needs.

3 Axis Gimbal Operator

We own and have great experience of operating a 3 Axis gimbal, be it handheld, crane mounted, or being operated from a vehicle we can cater for your stabilised video needs.

We own a DJI Ronin M which is a 3 axis gimbal is capable of holding cameras from DSLR size upto Canon C series and other similar sized cameras.

Packaged in a hard flight case and with enough power to last 12 hours of shooting our gimbal and operator are ready to be deployed anywhere in the world.

Animation and Motion Graphics

We provide 2D & 3D motion graphics and animation video services including but not limited too animated text & logos, lower thirds graphics, animated graphics, advanced transitions and slideshows, motion tracking and video stabilisation.

We also provide full 2D and 3D animated videos.